Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Children

Caroline is really starting to enjoy interaction. During her wide awake times, all she wants is girl talk. :) She's really making an effort to chime into the conversation by cooing and smiling. It's so sweet.

50mm Exposure: (1/25) Aperture: f/1.8

Lewis is always up for kissing and holding his sister, but the problem is that it only lasts up to about 10 seconds, literally, before he proclaims, "Done!" and shoves her straight up and off of his chest. So instead of holding the camera, I have to be ready to catch a baby. I did manage this one though. I'm so happy that Caroline will have these images to see when she's older of how her big brothers have dotted over her.

30mm Exposure: (1/50) Aperture: f/2.2

And of course, once Colson sees the lovin' going on, he needs to be a part of it. I have some images before this following one was taken where he's squeezing himself in and almost squishing Lewis and Caroline. What little Rumrey munchkins they are, and Caroline is already part of the pack.

30mm Exposure: (1/50) Aperture: f/2.2

**Photographer's note: in the first photo of just Caroline, I had her in front of a big window, but she did not have the direct sun on her. Lighting has everything to do with taking good photos. Notice the catchlights in her eyes. A good thing to start practicing is noticing how eyes capture the light. When you can see catchlights in your subjects eyes, you can count on having good illumination and detail. Also notice the subtle shadow the window light creates on her face. Her nose and the left side of the photo captures nice details that really show off her features. Really pay attention to how the shadows fall and what they reveal about your subject. They say a lot about what you are trying to capture.
Hope that may be helpful.


AZChelsea said...

super cool pictures. I love the black and makes time stand still in the photos....the one of the three of them is just perfection! What a bunch of cuties!

Hannah G said...

Oooh. Your photos are just fantastic! And you have such a good-lookin' little family. I love that you have a little girl now. She's a beauty. (No surprise there!)

nandjfridley said...

YEAH! Thanks for the photog. tips!The Exposure/Apeture is so helpful for us beginners. Thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

Alright. I suppose I have my photo assignment for the day. Thank you for the tips. Unfortunately I can't adjust some of those settings on my point-and-shoot but there's still plenty to practice. :)
Something I've been noticing about my own photos is I think I've been trying to take my pics by the window at the wrong time of day or something....the lighting seems too harsh. ?

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