Monday, February 22, 2010

Scenes in Eugene

We were first in line waiting for this train to cross the tracks on Saturday.


50mm; (1/40); f/16.0 - Such a high f stop here so that I could get some movement of the train, which was difficult because of how slow it was moving.

We weren't the only ones waiting. This guy was definitely picture worthy.

50mm; (1/2000); f/2.2


Anonymous said...

Ker!! That train pic is amazing--the foreground and background are crystal clear! That RR signal is amazing-SO clear, and then I realized the store name in the background was clear as a bell too! I love it!--Karm

Joel said...

Guess who else loves it? Oh to be first in line for all the action. Keep the photos coming they are all beautiful.


Sarah said...

Hah! That guy is SO Eugene! :)

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