Monday, April 5, 2010

Colson Quote

Context: Getting ready for church and doing something with Colson's hair.

Me: Colson stand still. Up straight. Look at me. This is really important.

*** pause*** "This is really important?" Did I really just say that?

Me: Colson, I was wrong. Doing your hair is not really important. Knowing Jesus is important. Worship is important.

Colson: What if some people made hair an idol?

Me: ha! lots of people do!

Colson, thank you for reminding me what is important on Easter Sunday.


AZChelsea said...

That's an intense lesson to learn from a little boy!!! He is so insightful!

bean said...

I love your blog! I know I already said that over at Flickr, but I love this post the most. Or the ice cream picture. No, the donut picture! Or something. :) Glad I stalked you from Femina.

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