Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big Brother

I am so grateful that Caroline has big brothers. Colson, although can be smothering, adores his sister. When he smothers Caroline, she cries. When he smothers Lewis, Lewis punches him. All in all, however, no one gets smiles and laughs out of Caroline or Lewis more than Colson.


AZChelsea said...

what a wonderful older brother. Asher can also be smothering to Abram and Abram will sometimes burst into tears if he gets a little frightened when Asher makes a really loud noise in his face (like roaring)....but Asher means well and doesn't do it to be malicious. Great picture of Colson loving on his baby of my favorite pictures from my childhood is one of my oldest brother holding me (he was 6 years old when I was born)'s precious.

Julie A said...

Precious, precious, precious!

I love that Lewis punches him and Caroline cries.

Ivy tries to hold Jesi all the time and Jesi cries.

christy said...

Such a sweet boy! Your kids get cuter all the time.

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