Friday, May 14, 2010

It Pays to be This Boy's Mama

I actually have a reason to have not updated the blog in the last week. Lewis scratched his cornea with a stick which then became infected. I have had my fill being a mama koala bear to a tender-hearted boy. It was utterly charming, albeit exhausting, to have him latch himself to me for comfort.

KC and I think that Lewis has graduated from Cute School, at the top of his class, no doubt. He's got a fantastic personality. It was really sweet for me to spend so much time holding and chatting with him this past week. He's really a wonderful and bright little boy.

Me: Lewis, can I have a smootch, or what?
Lewis: Or what.


He's been talking to Colson a lot lately. He calls him Tolsen. Or Bruda, for brother. I'm not sure if they could be more opposite. And they like being together. I love it.

I thought that he'd really have to grow up a lot when baby Caroline made her debut; but, to me, he really hasn't. He really is my little koala cub. Being his mama is such an amazing gift from God. Praise God and cheers for Lewis. Oh, and his eye is all cleared up now. He's back to his old adventurous self. Right now he and Tolsen are outside together hunting warthogs and pretending to eat chocolate. It's a hard knock life in a 70 degree Eugene day today.

And now for the moment the grandparents have been probably been waiting for, some pictures:


christy said...

Poor Lewis! I bet he was hurting...
He is such a sweet boy.
Case would cling onto me allll day if I let him. But he is like twice the size of lewis, so I can't carry him that long.

AZChelsea said...

as I say so many times a day with my boys... he oozes sweetness!! What a cutie!

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