Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Death of Binky

This child, from the very beginning had a special thing for his little pacifier. Last night marks his first binky-less night! I thought this day would never come. When KC asked him if he wanted to throw his pacifier in the garbage he said he did, got up, threw it away, and the rest is history. He's so excited that the garbage truck is going to come and take it away to the dump that it has already been a smooth transition. He's napping right now, no paci, with a lighting McQueen blanket completely covering his head. I just checked and he's snoring away under there. soo cute!

I have been shocked at what a little boy he already is. I know that when baby comes he's going to seem HUGE!

potty training update: going #1 is easy as pie.
We have yet to tackle #2. All I know is that his dirty diaper seems more and more like an injustice.
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AZChelsea said...

he's so precious! I love how babies/kids look when they're peaceful. I hope you guys have night #2 with no binky go off without any hitches! Asher only uses his when he sleeps and I know the day will come soon when we should get rid of it before he is too attached to it! It might be too late! Oh, awesome pics of you guys in the snow! I hope you are feeling well.

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