Monday, May 26, 2008

Craft On

This weekend, finally, I was able to sew this fab apron. The pattern is out of Amy Butler's newest book. And this fabric is from her Lotus line. I love it. I wanted to cook up an awesome meal for dinner just so that I could be sporting my newest kitchen accesory.
We had a great long weekend: dinner with friends, park dates with the boys, naps, sewing, worship, and good food.
p.s. We also had poopie diapers and lots of baby toots and burps. But Colson is now officially potty trained - so potty trained, in fact, that he's leaving the house with undies on and telling us when he needs to go. KC and I thought this day may never come, and we're overjoyed!
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Heather said...

So great! I love that fabric. I have planned to make that same apron... once I get around to sewing new pillows and place mats... We'll see how long it takes me!

The Officer's said...

awesome fabric! someday I hope to pick up sewing...that would be the cutest bridal shower gift! hope you are doing well!

Chris/ty said...

Love it! I have been browsing the projects on her website, daydreaming about what fabrics to use and who I could give them to! I love her site. Thanks so much for directing me. I also signed up for a class! Just because I have no idea the basics of how to use a machine. Can't wait.

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