Thursday, May 22, 2008

JoJo the Idiot Circus Boy

Ok people, you know this scene from Tommy Boy right? What I particularly want to illustrate through this is video is the way Tommy treats the Biscuit. I have to laugh about this, because, seriously, this is how something in me wants to treat Lewis. When I say, "I could gobble him up, or "I want to just squeeze him" I'm kind of not exaggerating. I honestly want to just squeeze. Obviously, I don't really want to hurt him and crumble him like Tommy did the biscuit, but I do have to control myself, and that's why this clip is just so perfect. And I'm sure when I get in those moods and Lewis sees his mom hovering over him almost convulsing and moving her arms like a cheerleader all over the place, he already knows that she's coo-coo.
poor children.
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Bridget Beth said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Finn affectionately "bites" us because he learned it from me. I can't help but chomp on those chubs!

Chris/ty said...

Yup! I feel ya. Case is just so cute sometimes I feel like I need to squeeze him SO tight. I bite him too and he cracks up.

Anonymous said...

Ker I died when I saw this-I was laughing so hard I almost woke the girls up. I could totally picture you doing that (I think I have seen you do that with Colson-especially the part where he rubs his nose on the roll.) Love you friend.

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