Monday, June 9, 2008

Faces of us - Defying the Odds - and a Book for Wayward Weathery Days

Look at this face. He's still really cute when he's angry.
Oh wow, I have a feeling these two boys are going to raise much mischief in our home. This looks like they are scheming already.

Look at their chins. I love how the shadow shows their matching dimples.

The forcast calls for cool, windy, rainy weather this week. It's June for Pete's sake. BLAH! YUCK! KC reminded me that Hawaii will be that much sweeter in light of this ongoing blah Northern Idaho weather.


In baby news: Go Lewis go! Grow Grow Grow. I took him to the doctor last week. He's in the 95th percentile for heigth. It would be a joyous thing to pass up his parents in this catergory.


In book news: We took a bunch of books to a bookstore that gives store credit and came home with some real gems. I'm currently engulfed in one of them; a book written by Eugene H Peterson entitled, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places: a conversation in spiritual theology. It is a beautifully written book, very poetic and full of conviction. I'm sure I'll be sharing some great qoutes and ideas that have really hit home with me.


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Heather said...

I love the smile on Lewis' face as he looks at Colson! I've seen Eden give Ava the same smile - but without the deviousness! It looks more like, lets play dress up and have a tea party.

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