Thursday, August 21, 2008

Divine Comedy

God was making fun of me today. It just so happened this afternoon as I was making cookies that an all-too-familiar thing occurred. These are the same cookies I was making back in March of 2007 when I dropped the egg shell in the mixing Kitchen-aid only to hear the shell go "crunch-crunch" before I could switch it off. Today as I dangled the broken egg shell over the running mixer I was brought back to that moment, and I was conscious and deliberate and careful. I was actually thinking to myself, "ha, wouldn't that be silly? I won't do that again. ha, ha, OHHHH NOOO!"
I don't know how it happened. It slipped out of my hand and right into the rotating dough, beautiful creamy dough...with egg shell. Again, the sound. The "crunch-crunch". It happened so fast. Colson thought it was great. It got me laughing too as I picked my way through egg remnants. I didn't throw out the batch. That would just be a waste, and besides, I used up all my butter on this batch, which is also an ironic similarity to my 1st mishap over a year ago. I've had 2 cookies so far (only a start) and they were egg-shell free.

And this pic? Why must I always post a picture of one of my children? Let's just say I'm obsessed. It's true, and I'm not turning back.
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Andrew and Kathleen Finch said...

Thanks for the story! Andrew and I just bought our first and hopefully our only KitchenAid mixer today with gift cards that we got for the wedding! I am very excited to use it!!!! =)

Julie A said...

Ha! That is hilarious! Too bad you didn't have your own reality show, it would entertain me. Little egg shell didn't kill anyone...just might cut your gums and make them bleed. I want to hear more about your camera. I looked it up on line but there seemed to be several D80's. Where did you get yours from?

Melodie said...

Ridley and I were looking at your blog today and Ridley saw the pic of your broken egg: "Mama, she needs a tow truck to carry that to the trash" Hope you had the proper vehicle to dispose of your mess! Ha!

Dorie said...

Interesting to know.

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