Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Colson Quotes


Me: Colson, are you ready for some breakfast?
Colson: Some breakfast? or....a cookie?

hmmm, trick question?
Colson: You're a lollipop, Mommy. I could eat your face off.
I served alphabet soup for lunch. He asked me what letter I saw on his spoon.

Me: That's a P.
Colson: Good job Mommy. I'm very proud of you.


Heather said...

You have the cutest family!

Cassie Idler Photography said...

Hey Kar!You guys have a stinkin' cute family! How are you guys? Linds gives me an update on you guys when I chat with her... now I can see whats going on myself! Anyway your pictures are amazing. What type of camera/lense do you have? Anyway catch me up on life!

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