Friday, December 12, 2008

This face!!!! I almost can't handle it.
Merry Christmas

This lens works more like your own two eyes than any I've seen. In real life if you are focusing on Lewis then the tree lights look out of focus and bigger and blurry, just like the photo. If you were to take some steps backwards and take in the whole picture, you would see everything in focus. This lens does both, and a variation in between. So much fun to play with.

It helps to have really cute and sweet subjects to photograph. Lewis, my sweet, thick baby. I'm desiring to stop the time, to slow down the progress. It's going by too quickly. And then there is Colson. His next birthday will land him on the number 4. and Lewis will be walking before I know it. I think I'm in denial that he's not a newborn anymore, but boy, is he not a newborn.

All for now.


Cassie Idler Photography said...

Hey girl! How are ya! Your pictures are great! What camera/lens are you using? So hows life? A house full of fun! Well hope your Christmas season is off to a great start!

Mom said...

I want to kiss that face. I love him so much. My little MaGoo.
Love you

KeriAnn said...

hi Cassie, thanks about the pics. I use a nikon d80 with a 50mm 1.4 lens.
Christmas blessing!

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