Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Outlaw and Tinker-Bell

Last night Colson came into our room. It was just past 3am. He had suited himself in jeans fit with his holster and six-shooters. He was ready...

Ready for what? who knows? He was ready for what all boys are ready for when they're sportin' six shooters in holsters.

So today, this is what we be done doin' 'round 'ere.

Stick 'em up

He fits the roll pretty well....look at those mean eyes. A Real Scary Outlaw!

Mean Face

But here's the part I love the most. When we were in Medford he found a little TinkerBell toy amongst the toy rubble. From then on, it's hardly left his side. He puts her "safe" in his pocket when we go out. He protects her from dragons. Today he was calling her his "princess" and yesterday, i have no idea where this came from, but he came up to me and told me to feel her legs. haha. I keep asking him questions about her but he gets vague and silly and I have no idea what he starts talking about. It's rather funny, and strange, and super cute at the same time. My little rough and tumble cowboy has a thing for Tink.


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