Saturday, January 24, 2009

Self-Portrait; The Modern Stay-at-Home-Mama

This isn't my only pair of pants that are wearing out at the knees. I take great pride in this as it's proof of the time I spend on the floor with the under-3-foot population that dwells in our home.

Signs of a Modern Stay-at-Home Mom


Gina Snider said...

Hi Keriann,
We are enjoying your husband here in Eugene for the second time. He's said some really nice and interesting things about you, and I hope that we can meet again. Thank you for lending him to us again as we see what the Lord will do.
In His service,
Gina from that little CREC church in Eugene
P.S. I like your photos - wish I still had some chubby fingers to hold around here. :)

The Officer's said...

love your shoes!

Heather said...

Agreed! Cute shoes!

Jessica said...

funny, I was thinking the same thing. NICE SHOES!!!

KeriAnn said...

Gina, I'm so glad you said hello, if you read this. We are so excited about the next step in our lives and I am sure you all are too. Thank you for your family's kindness to good wishes.

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