Sunday, January 25, 2009

This Steady Gaze

He looks kinda tough here. And he thinks he's kinda tough. And sometimes, I even think he's kinda tough. Don't tell him, but he's a softy.
But boy oh boy, this one melts me.
We've been without the man of the house this weekend. The little man of the house (colson) and his mama are going to be celebrating as we get to pick up Daddy from the airport in the morning.
Steady Gaze


Julie A said...

Love it! But I love all your pictures so much. Good to talk to you the other day. You make me smile. Your pictures and stories make me want a boy. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

We hosted your husband this weekend. Thank you for sharing him with our little church. We were blessed. I enjoyed being introduced to you through your lovely photographic blog. Blessings to you and those precious boys. Your sister in Christ, Alison

KeriAnn said...

Thank for saying hi and especially for hosting KC down there in Eugene. He had a wonderful time fellowshipping with you all.

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