Sunday, February 8, 2009

Colson Quotes +

Seek and You Shall Find

Colson: Thank you God for this food. Thank you God for my toys. Thank you God that I have a Light-Saber. Thank you God that I am a Jedi. Thank you God for Lewis' eyes, that he can see. Amen.

Me: Colson, good prayer!

Colson: You're welcome.


A couple months ago Colson was wanting me to rest in his bed at night with him and he'd say, "Will you rest with me, for just a minute?"

And then he started trying to convince me that I needed to sleep in his bed with him until finally I explained that I sleep in bed with Daddy and not him. And that some day when he's a hard-working man and loves a woman she can be his wife and she can sleep in his bed.

The other morning KC and I were sleeping in when Colson came into our room. He didn't see me right away among the blankets. "Where's Mommy, Daddy?" he asked.

"She's right here," KC answered.

"Are you Wife-ing her?"

(For the record: we were only cuddling.)

And thus, has become one of my very favorite Colson quotes. I love that he used the word "wife" not just as a noun, a state of being, but as a verb, an action. Husbands and wives need to act like husbands and wives, and God, by His grace, has given us this context to raise our boys.

KC, thanks for wife-ing me. I love you.

And here's some pictures because I like them.

Who can resist this cuteness?

I adore this relaxed portrait. I hardly ever notice his little eye that sometimes closes more than the other in real life, only in occasional photos.

Relaxed Portrait


Andrew and Kathleen Finch said...

I loved that Colson quote about wifeing KC!!! What a great son!!!! =) I am also seeing Lewis look more and more like Colson!!! =) Hope you are doing well!!! =)

Coleson's Blog said...

"wifeing" how sweet! My Coleson is starting to pray and he loves to thank Jesus for fruit snacks and the puppies Paisley had (our dog has a litter of puppies) of course for mommy and daddy too. It's too precious.

Elizabeth said...

So cute! Love that story.

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