Thursday, February 5, 2009

...Always Mother By...

I'll Be Your Guide

A Few Rules for Beginners
by Katherine Mansfield

Babies must not eat the coal
And they must not make grimaces,
Nor in party dresses roll
And must never black their faces.

They must learn that pointing’s rude,
They must sit quite still at table,
And must always eat the food
Put before them—if they’re able.

If they fall, they must not cry,
Though it’s known how painful this is;
No—there’s always Mother by
Who will comfort them with kisses.


Heather said...

Beautiful pictures!

LittleMissLeah said...

Hi Mrs. Rumrey,
My name is Leah Loe and I was a student of your husband at Salem Academy. I found your blog through one of my friends and I just wanted to say how much I love your pictures. As an aspiring photographer myself its so fun to see the pictures you take. Your boys are so cute: ) Tell Mr. Rumrey hi for me.

Britney said...

Hi Mrs. Rumrey... I'm Britney Miller, and I too was a student of your husband's at Salem Academy. Actually, I don't think I had any classes of his, but I knew him. :-) Anyway, I've been looking at your blog also every now and then, I found you through Chris Porter's site. You have such a beautiful family and I LOVE all of your photos. I thought I'd finally introduce myself since Leah did. Bless you!

KeriAnn said...

Leah and Britney,

Thanks so much for saying hi. I'm so pleased to know you both stop by the ol' blog and that you enjoy the photos.
Blessings in Christ,
KeriAnn (oh yeah, you can call me KeriAnn instead of Mrs Rumrey). :)

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