Monday, March 2, 2009

A Lengthy Update

I spent last week with my family in Oregon. It was the best distraction while KC was in Myanmar teaching and fellowshipping with the Saints there.

I love the beauty of Oregon. The moss, the green, the smell, the feel. I enjoyed spending time outside my folks' home in the morning dreaming about my childhood and watching Colson enter a fairytale world in the forest.

Here he is with his friend, the salamander. We happened upon him and Colson, of course, loved him. And check out the Batman suit. It's got an awesome cape and it's reversible. Flip this thing over and voila, he's Superman! The best part about it is that my mom made it in replica of some my brothers grew up with (that she also made). He wore it the entire time we were in Oregon, and he's still wearing it, right now in fact.

Here's Lewis and Grandpa. Lewis was quite picky about his company in Oregon, but Grandpa's got a golden ticket. Both my boys just adore this man. This was taken at the zoo. Lewis was so cute. He pointed and talked to all the animals.

This picture is of my fabulous sister-in-law, Jessica. When I saw those preggie curves against that aquarium wall, capturing it became a necessity. I love this image.

Then later I made her let me take some pictures of those beautiful curves. Pregnant woman are glorious, and Jessica, you are no exception! And this baby bump is harboring my niece! Yay! I'm so excited.

I also got to take some images of my beautiful friend Jenni and her fiance Jeremy. They are recently engaged! Oh, on a side note, the ring is major bling, folks. I'm talking gorgeous. Good job Jeremy, and if I'm not mistaken, Jenni is in love with it!


Congratulations you two! I love this picture of them together. They are so cute and I can't wait until I can be there to witness them join together as one. Jenni, if you don't like this picture, I don't care. I do. It's so cute. So there. And it's so you.


While I was making myself a homebody in Oregon, KC was on the other side, literally, of the world. Our denomination supports a church and orphanage in Myanmar. There is more information here: Colson and I have been praying for these orphans by name for some time, so for KC to go and meet them and pray for them and with them face to face, and to play with them, it was quite special and exciting. Here he is with Pastor Doug Jones and the children.

These Christians are quite dear people. It was such a blessing for KC to see their genuine love for our Lord Jesus Christ, and he was so blessed and humbled getting to bring them the Word. I am so happy KC captured this moment. I think it's so beautiful. Here Pastor Jones is giving a gift to one of the women who works along side her husband, the pastor, in the church and orphanage.

I'm so glad to have my hubby home safe and sound. Pray for him, he's still on Myanmar time and is having difficulty sleeping when he should be.


The Officer's said...

I love that first picture Ker! It makes me want to be reading a good book under that tree.... and dress up like a fairy and prance around! :) Nice work on the have talent my friend!

The Little Romaniac said...

WoW Ker! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I'm not done. I just came upon it when i was looking at Kels. How are you? Your family sure has grown. It's amazing. Let me know how things are. By the way, being a photographer you did an amazing job taking all those pictures on your blog. They are absolutely beautiful.

KeriAnn said...

Mo! You are so sweet. Thank you. I am so glad to see your face. You look fantastic!

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