Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Haiku & Batman (respectively)

Leaving a Mark
I can feel you rise.
Ascend to your consciousness!
And defeat this wintry death.

Waiting on Spring

Here is Batman: freeing the world from wickedness and rot. Ringing in an order of justice and mercy.

New World Order

Ringing in Justice and Mercy


The Kjack's said...


I know I am late in saying this....but, man, your pictures are amazing. I love looking through them. Miss you- thanks for sharing your gift of photography on the blog. I love seeing your life in pictures!


Britney said...

My word, that is too much!! I really love his costume.. incredible!

KeriAnn said...

Kel, you are never late. you've never been late. hahhahaha, muah, hahahaha! ha! just kidding friend.
i'm glad you enjoy the blog. I really enjoy doing it. and the pictures truly are part of my life.
misss ya, love ya,

BrownTown said...


So I've been meaning to post something on your blog for a looong time. You can still email me at my corban address (it still works) but my new email address is Let's chat! I miss you friend.

BrownTown said...

But me.

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