Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Boys in Backlight

I got a chance to take some pictures outside, finally. I am so excited about the upcoming warm seasons. I have been wanting to try to get some picts shooting into the sun with some delicious backlight. I was pretty excited when I saw this gorgeous light show up in these photos of my wonderful boys. They are my inspiration.
I think Lewis' first word may be "Da" for Daddy. He says it when we ask him and whenever KC walks through the door.
Lewis turns 1

Colson is loving his new bike. But he thinks it is the fastest transportation device on the planet even though he's barely inching along. I like it because I can keep up on foot with Lewis.

I have more fun pics, but not the time. Enjoy.
Enjoying his new bike


Kim said...

I love your photos and have found your blog through my sister in laws blog...not a complete stranger I guess even though I couldn't tell you the relationship exactly. One question for do you get your photos so CLEAR and SHARP looking? I want mine to look like yours. (I took your advice on lighting and have had fun experimenting with it!) What advice could you provide to an ameatuer?

KeriAnn said...

Kim, thanks so much for stopping by and for the question. As a fellow learner and amateur, let me tell you, not all my photos are clear and sharp. I take lots of pictures, lots and lots, and the majority of them, I don't keep. You see, here on the blog, my best and favorite. I find that the sharpest ones, I know right away when I hit the shutter. It seems that when the boys aren't moving a ton and when I am not moving either this helps a lot! I try to keep my arms in close to my body to keep the camera more steady.
I also have just started using photoshop elements. the last 2 posts have been processed with elements, none of the pictures before that have been though.
I am just starting and feel lost when it comes to post-processing, but i think there are steps you can take in the post that can sharpen and make the photos pop, i just haven't learned this stuff quite yet. oh, in my camera, there is an option to sharpen the images when they are being taken, i put that at +1, and i think that's got to help. I make sure my shutter speed isn't slower than the length of my lens, that's a rule of thumb.
I don't know what kind of camera you have, but a dslr or an slr camera is really helpful. I know I'm saying a lot here, but also, if your aperture is really low, the harder it is to get sharp and in focus photos because the depth of field is so shallow, so either back up to get more in focus or raise up your aperture to an bigger number, like 4 or 5 or even up to 8. I read that you get the sharpest at 8.
I don't know if anything i said made sense. it's hard to talk photography. I feel like such a nerd. I think i need to just accept that i am one.
Hope something I said helps. This is what I do.

Bridget Beth said...

so beautiful! Wow.

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