Monday, March 23, 2009


My commentary will be brief on this post, unfortunately, but hey, at least you've got pictures. I know you all just love seeing this face all the time!

The weather has been making small turns towards the better! Praise God! We decided to make the most of a nice-weathered season and get Colson a bicycle. He's loving it. And he's too cute with his helmet on!
1st Bike

My sweet baby is turning one this week. Actually tomorrow, but you won't hear about it because we're going to slip in a small celebration on the weekend. Look at this monkey. He crawls around the place like this going so fast. It's adorable. No, he's adorable! And I realize some of these pictures are huge. But I want it to be. So there.

Almost1, still crawling

I can hear the boys in Colson's room giggling and squeeling with delight as I write this. They are hitting a phase where they can play, un-supervised, and Lewis will follow Colson around. It's a moment of freedom for me. Colson will also grab Lewis' hands like he is in this photo and walk him around. He loves taking him to his room where they can do "boy stuff". I love this phase!

Holding up Lewis

And these next two photos? Well, you've probably noticed I have been MIA lately. Sorry about the lack of blog posts lately. We've been busy! But I wanted to post these pictures, because I just like them.....

We had a fun steak dinner with our extraordinary neighbors, the Creasons! Sam Creason took this one while KC worked the grill! Good job Sam! (Is it a violation of copyright to post if it's on my camera but your work of art? You are almost a lawyer, you should know.) I had to do this one big too.

Drool-worthy Steak

Are you drooling yet? Come on, I know you love a good piece of beef.

KC's been relieving me of Mama duty now and then. Thank you Hubby. I love a good time to read and reflect. And of course, some yummy coffee goes a long way. These outings are precious to me.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Hopefully, there will be more soon.

Afternoon at the Coffee Shop


Christine said...

mmmmmm... that was some good steak! thanks for bringing it, and yourselves over.

Christy said...

Thanks for the update! As usual, love the pictures. Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I am just hoping that you guys hit the jackpot before the statute of limitations runs on any claim I might have.

- Sam

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