Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother

This is Nan. She's my grandmother. Don't call her grandmother. It's Nan, got it. And she's a spit-fire. I'm glad her blood pumps through my veins. She keeps things exciting and keeps us laughing. It was great to see her yesterday.


The occasion was a birthday. Mitch, my oldest brother, he's getting older. He hates having a camera pointed at him, but I love this picture. Mitch, I love ya, even if you are ornery. and Happy Birthday.

Mitchell 33yrs!

And here's my brother Nick. I love this guy.


My boys love the grandparents house because of this. KC at one point found Lewis laying face down, happy as a clam, in the sand. What a dirty monkey boy.

dirty chipmunk

What would a post be without Colson? Right now he should be sleeping but we can hear mischief coming from the room. Who knows what this one's given mission is at any time. Just look at this face.


And this one of him was taken a few days ago, but captures his new present from Disney World from his Cousins Alex and Lauren. Yes, he loves it. Suprised?

New Sword and Sheild


Julie A said...

Oh the brothers. I won't ever forget them. My hope is that they have forgotten me however:) Maybe they will just remember my back pack. ha..too funny. Big congratulations on the baby girl. What a blessing. I think a baby girl will suit your family perfectly. Glad you are enjoying hippy town. Sounds like you are fitting right in with your bike. Let me know what your new number is so that we can get together.

becca said...

Your photos are stunning. I really appreciate your grasp of the black & white contrast. WOW!

Joanne said...

You take such great pictures. Love them.

Jessica said...

Ah Mitch, I think I might have given him a few of those gray hairs..
Nan is stunningly beautiful!! AS ARE YOU! I think you are the most stunning pregnant woman i've ever met. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of Nan. Colson looks straight out of Chronicles of Narnia here. What a little warrior boy

Sarah said...

Okay here's a reinactment of my response to your post about having a girl "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" I'm SO happy for you KeriAnn :) Love the photos. I'm still dreaming of camera shopping and your bag is coming along (SLOWLY) we were gone to the lake for a week, so I didn't get much done last week.

The Kjack's said...

Hey Ker-

It was so fun to see you on Sunday! These pictures made me smile as well. Miss you and look forward to spending time with you next week. I especially love the picture of Lewis with the dirty face :)

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