Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rumrey News

I am thrilled and utterly overjoyed to announce the prediction via ultrasound of a little
growing strong in my womb.
The Lord is kind.
When I think about my own mother and the special bond and friendship we share, having a girl makes me so excited for the possibilities to experience that with a daughter of my own. If she can love me the way I love my mom, I will be a blessed woman. Lord, please let it be.
KC and I recently celebrated 6 years of marriage. What a blessing and journey it has been. We raised our glasses to 6 full years as husband and wife, 2 wonderful boys at home, one babe lost in pregnancy (and now with Jesus), one little girl on the way, and to a rich year ahead.

Indeed, the Lord is so ever kind.

On a more casual note, Colson, on Rootbeer, says,

"It feels kinda bumpy."

I couldn't agree more.

I suppose it's true I'm a bit more ravenous for food these days, for Colson recently asked me, "Why do you want food all day?" and "What does 'withering away' mean?"
Hey, when Mama's hungry, get outta Mama's way!
Tonight I took the boys out for our first bike ride. I am so thankful, for I happen to be the blessed recipient of a hand-me-down, double bike trailer to haul my chipmunks in around this hippy, bike lovin' town. Thanks Swan family! It felt so free and fabulous, not to mention the great exercise. Colson is getting heavy! It made my heart smile seeing both boys strapped up side by side ready for a ride. This is going to be happening close to daily, if all goes as planned.
And right now, as I type, I'm able to breath easy, that end of a full-day-kind-of-deep-breath. There is something very calming and therapeutic about the children being in bed, asleep. Knowing that tomorrow we'll be doing it all over again, but right now, I can kick up my feet and anticipate new mercies that come to us every morning, as faithful as the sunrise.
The Fam
This was taken last night. A rare photo of us all together. Thanks Ellie!


The Finch's said...

Yay that is so very exciting! I am so glad that you used purple to write "girl!" I knew pink wasn't your thing! I am so happy for you and excited for you all and to bring a girl into the world!!!! =) Almost even in the world of the Rumrey's!!!!

Heather said...

Congratulations on a girl! You have the most beautiful family and a little girl will definitely increase it. I'm happy for your boys to have a sister - I know how I felt (and still do feel) about my older brother, and it's a fun thing. Even though I was quite the tomboy, I very much enjoyed the protection and love of brothers.

Christine said...

Hurray! Maggie will have a little friend. I am so happy!
O another note I started making a cake last night, and when it came time to add the wet ingredients to the dry, I realized I was out of eggs...and I missed you.

The Timmerman's said...

Congratulations, Ker! I'm SO excited for you guys. It will be so fun for you to have that mother-daughter bond you talked about.

Hey - you need to come to the alumni game in August. Even though you can't play it would be great to see you!

Also, your family is beautiful. :)

Jessica said...

Yeah for nieces and a new "female" cousin for Katie!! Be seein you on Saturday...

Anonymous said...

A GIRL!! I must admit, I'm shocked! I guess I forgot it was possible for families to have both boys and girls in the same family! So excited for you...girls are so sweet. :)

BrownTown said...

Nicolson or Elewisa...I'm so digging it right now!

AZChelsea said...

I am so excited for you guys! You have such a beautiful family! I hope your little girl loves growing up with older brothers as much as I did! They sure taught me a lot and now they are my best friends!

Jen Green said...

A GIRL! I am so excited for you. I love your pictures too! It's fun to watch you come into being such a great photographer! Blessings on your beautiful growing family.

christy said...

Woo Hoo!!! God is good. What a great addition she will make. Not to mention she will be a tough girl. Don't you have 2 older brothers too? Congrats my friend.

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