Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Way to Bring Autumn In:

Apple Butter, straight from Mom's kitchen to my little family's heart.

apple butter: from mama's kitchen to my heart.
Thanks for your labors Mitch and Mom.


Little Miss Todd said...

It's Ashley Gregg, Erica's little sister. She showed me your blog and I love your pictures, you do a wonderful job. We are actually looking at having pictures done, my boyfriend and I with our daughter. She is almost 8 months now. I was wondering if you take photos for others and if so what sort of rates you would have. They are truely beautiful!

KeriAnn said...

Hi Ashley, thanks for the comment and good to hear from you. why don't you email me, rumreytot[@] hotmail.

KeriAnn said...

oh, and congrats on the baby! Such a cute age!

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