Monday, February 2, 2009

A Slump?

Sometimes, my inspiration for the blog falters...

But (for you Mom) why not post a pic? :)

10 Months -


becca said...

whoa, for the first time seeing a TON of Colson's features in Lewis. absolutely adorable!

Joanne said...

Pictures are always good for grandma's and their friends :)

chris said...

wow! he got big fast! he looks so grown up. and that boy looks like his mama...those eyes anyways! i need to get myself a camera like yours!

Julie A said...

This is such a great picture. His expression is priceless. He sure doesn't look like a baby anymore. Handsome little guy!

KeriAnn said...

Becca, this is sooo funny, you think Lewis looks like colson. I go back and forth on it everyday, and in this pic, i thought, nay. :)

Joanne, thanks for the encouragement.

Chis, I'm not ready for him to get big. Not. Ready.

Julie, Thanks friend. I think he's handsome too.

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